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Wellbeing During Temporary International Relocation

Art. Nr.: 6032
Patricia Bartley

Wellbeing During Temporary International Relocation

Case Studies and Good Practices for the Implementation of the 2019 Barcelona Guidelines
Martin Roth-Initiative (MRI)
1. Aufl. – Berlin , 2020. – 21 S.

The physical and psychological wellbeing of human rights defenders is key to the sustainability of their difficult and demanding work.

This publication supplements the 2019 Barcelona Guidelines that provide principles to guide the work of wellbeing support providers (e.g. coaches, therapists and mental health professionals) and coordinators of temporary international relocation initiatives.
It collects best practices and concrete examples from different initiatives on the topics of social networks and support for relocated persons (such as recreational and educational activities, local friendship or professional networks, counselling or therapy), integration of wellbeing activities in relocation plans and wellbeing of staff and supporters of relocation initiatives.

Patricia Bartley is a research assistant at the Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR) of the University of York, where she has supported and managed the Centre's protective fellowship programme for human rights defenders at risk.

She is a long term Amnesty International member and forms part of the Amnesty UK's East Africa & the Horn regional team and its Teacher Advisory Group.
She has worked in Ethiopia and Eritrea as an Education Advisor.

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